Sharon Pearson

“Sharon covers every aspect with efficiency and professionalism. Her proactive approach enabled us to make progress in the face of complex issues and challenging deadlines.”

Bob Gibbs, Managing Director, R B Development (UK) Ltd

Sharon Pearson, residential conveyancing

In 30 years of residential conveyancing I’ve uncovered all manner of unexpected issues that lie in wait to snag the unwary buyer. Whether buying your dream home or adding to a portfolio of investment properties, it’s a minefield that demands the utmost care and attention to detail.

Alongside that, the competition for the best properties makes any sale or purchase a nerve-wracking experience for those involved. I believe it’s my job to recognise that, and reduce rather than add to the stress.

I do that primarily through a mixture of professionalism and clear communication, and by taking the burden of the paperwork and keeping everyone fully informed at all times.

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