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Corporate and commercial

Businesses don’t grow by accident

As owner or entrepreneur, you have a big impact.

Every decision you take along the way influences its development and, ultimately, its value.

But you can’t know everything.

You could be a good manager or a great innovator, you could be a marketing genius, or a financial guru, but you still can’t predict the future.

How do you make the right decisions more often?

Skill in planning for a variety of outcomes might well be the most important thing to learn for any owner-manager or entrepreneur.

And getting to grips with the legal framework to accommodate different futures is fundamental.

That is the essential value of our commercial advice.

It’s a service to you, personally, aimed squarely at ensuring you make the right decisions, with clear sight of the range of risks the business is exposed to.

As confidential advisers, we work with you, helping you plan for the ideal outcomes and reducing the risk of negative outside events and influences.

Contracts should reflect your objectives

Clear advice from the outset ensures that every contract is working for you, to fulfil your objectives.

That’s what we mean by lending weight to the process — we’re stacking every situation in your favour, helping to drive the outcomes you want.

What it doesn’t mean is generating reams of baffling and awkward paperwork. Just tailored, crafted solutions to help deal with the uncertainties of business.

Business is not a solo journey

Even for a sole trader. There are always other companies that share part of the journey with you, but what is important is how you frame the relationships you have with them to achieve the outcomes you want.

Our straightforward advice and expertise to businesses includes help with:

  • Corporate finance
  • Management buy-outs
  • Reorganisations & group structure
  • Shareholder/joint venture agreements
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Agency & distribution
  • Mergers, acquisitions & disposals
  • Private equity
  • Financing, banking & crowd funding
  • Share schemes/employee ownership trusts
  • Outsourcing/service level agreements
  • E-commerce

We advise on a comprehensive range of corporate and commercial law issues. To find out how we can help your business contact:

Keith Vincent on 01394 330681 or

Simon Letts on 01394 330683 or

Osman Imtiaz on 01394 332211 or