Our service is built on radical ideas. Like being available for clients.

Aquabridge Law. Alternative Thinking.

“They provide value beyond pure legal advice. They make a point of understanding what we’re about and help us to achieve our objectives.”

Matthew Ashworth, Goldstar Transport Ltd

Aquabridge Law. Alternative Thinking.

We won’t confuddle or collogue to our own behoof.

Aquabridge Law. Alternative Thinking.

“Aquabridge Law is a joined-up company. You get the sense that there is a shared philosophy of being service oriented and practically minded.”

Nigel Fosker, East Suffolk Crematorium Ltd

Aquabridge Law. Alternative Thinking.


We are pleased to announce that our offices have now reopened, subject to the guidelines set out below.

Covid19 continues to affect our firm, our clients and our communities. First and foremost, the well-being of our colleagues and clients remains paramount.

Therefore, whilst it is possible to meet face to face this must be done by appointment. We would also ask you to take all sensible precautions for your and our safety. Our staff are likely to meet you wearing face covering and we would ask you to consider the same. Please always respect social distancing guidelines too.

We would ask you to consider whether a face to face meeting is necessary.

Our IT systems enable our lawyers to work together remotely with you. We offer a range of telephone and video conferencing facilities.

Please telephone or email your usual contact for further information. Alternatively, telephone 01394 330680 and you will be directed to one of our lawyers who will be able to assist you.

You will be able to post documents and other papers to either office and these will be collected and distributed to our team daily.

Our thoughts will continue to be with all those personally impacted by COVID-19. We are grateful to all those on the front lines continuing to battle the horrors of COVID-19.

How we work

It’s good to get expert advice, but even better to understand it.

Aquabridge Law is a different kind of law firm.

We do the same kinds of things as other firms, but we do them differently.

We help you to see complex issues more clearly, and make better decisions to secure the things you care about, whether in business or at home.

Our offices are in Chelmsford, Essex and Felixstowe (told you we’re different), Suffolk.

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What we do

We specialise in commercial legal advice acting as advisers to business leaders and owners:

We also provide private client services for life outside work:

Your team

“I know if I pick up the phone they’ll respond quickly, in fact the whole experience is very user-friendly....”

Dean Braybrook, Knight Group Ltd

“We trust that you’ve got our interests at heart and will be able to negotiate for us however unpredictable the other party’s responses may be.”

Paul Cronin, Clinical Network Solutions (UK) Ltd

What we think