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The best motives make for the best business

We firmly believe that franchising should always be tried and tested, supportive, ethical and structured to succeed for all parties, even if there may be bumps in the road to success.

Although it’s no easier than running any other business, franchising can be a success for all if the expectations and the terms are realistic as well as fair.

In more than ten years we’ve seen plenty of good and not-so-good in the world of franchising and we use that experience to inform our advice to either party in a franchising contract – wherever they are in the country.

Understand your options and when to stand your ground

For franchisees, we offer the complete range of services including dispute resolution and assistance in reviewing your franchise options at all stages of a contract.

In helping to resolve disputes, we provide vital advice to prevent issues deteriorating to the point where you have fewer options than you might like.

Right from the outset we consider how the agreement holds together commercially, rather than just telling you what the terms of a contract mean.

Understanding what your objectives are will help us in advising on negotiations and agreement reviews. And we’re with you all the way throughout the life of your business including helping you sell or leave your franchise.

Our experience of the franchise business sector means we can advise you on your contract options including restrictive covenants or the timing and risk involved in leaving a network.

We have a lot of experience helping franchisees negotiate their way out of a failing agreement. We also deal with misrepresentation and breach of contract cases or where franchisors are trying to move the goal posts.

Know why and how franchising your business can work

We also work with selected franchisors to develop their businesses, providing focused commercial and legal advice and assistance, based on our legal, franchising and wider business experience.

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