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Capital Gains Tax Changesfeatured image

Capital Gains Tax Changes

25th January 2023 by Aquabridge Law

Capital Gains Tax – Annual Exempt Amount Changes 2023/24 & 2024/25 With the financial whirlwind we were all subjected to in the last quarter of 2022, you’d be forgiven for missing a fairly significant change relating to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). Currently, an individual has a “tax-free” allowance of £12,300 in each tax year where… read more

Aquabridge advised the sellers on the sale of Apex Lifts Group Ltd to Cibes Lift UK Ltdfeatured image

Aquabridge advised the sellers on the sale of Apex Lifts Group Ltd to Cibes Lift UK Ltd

21st April 2022 by Aquabridge Law

Aquabridge Law advised the sellers on the sale of Apex Lifts Group Ltd to Cibes Lift UK Ltd. Cibes Lift UK Ltd is a subsidiary of the global giant Cibes Lift Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturer’s of low speed lifts. Until the sale to Cibes the company was owned by the Jenchner family… read more

There are two things certain in life – Death and Taxesfeatured image

There are two things certain in life – Death and Taxes

11th October 2021 by Aquabridge Law

There Are Two Things Certain in Life – Death and Taxes With the recent health and social care levy putting up national insurance contributions there has been a lot of talk about who and what should be taxed. As a private client solicitor at every budget I pray that the changes are not going to… read more

Daniel Craig to leave his children £0.07featured image

Daniel Craig to leave his children £0.07

31st August 2021 by Aquabridge Law

Daniel Craig to Leave his Children £0.07? A story has been released this week that Daniel Craig finds the concept of inheritance ‘distasteful’. Daniel Craig and his actress wife Rachel Weisz are rumored to have a combined net worth in the region of $190 million but they do not intend to leave their vast fortune… read more

Does money bring out the worst in people?featured image

Does money bring out the worst in people?

12th July 2021 by Aquabridge Law

Does Money Bring Out the Worst in People? As a Wills and Probate solicitor you tend to be involved in some of the worst times of a client’s life. We see people when they have lost someone very close to them and work with them throughout the grieving process. Losing someone is difficult enough without… read more

Are Wills entering the digital agefeatured image

Are Wills entering the digital age

22nd June 2021 by Aquabridge Law

Are Wills Entering the Digital Age? Due to the coronavirus pandemic many different industries have been forced to modernize. Client appointments have moved to Zoom and conversations which would’ve happened face to face are happening via email. The legal industry has always tended to be a little archaic and has had to be dragged kicking… read more

LGBT+ Willsfeatured image

LGBT+ Wills

7th June 2021 by Aquabridge Law

The Importance of LGBT+ Wills Happy Pride Month! In order to celebrate I have decided to write a blog on the very celebratory and not at all morbid topic of making sure you have a plan in place for when you die or lose capacity. Whilst it is vitally important for everyone to have the… read more

The lessons Business Owners can learn from succession

27th May 2021 by Aquabridge Law

The Lessons Business Owners Can Learn from Succession:  Don’t be Logan Roy Succession is a Golden Globe winning TV Show on HBO (Prime Video for UK viewers) which is well worth a watch, it is filled with all your favorite HBO drama elements – betrayal, deceit and a dysfunctional family. It centers around a media… read more

Will Drafting in a Crypto Economy

11th May 2021 by Aquabridge Law

You cannot seem to turn on the news these days without seeing the latest trends in crypto currency. Whether it is the latest over night millionaire who invested in an online currency the rest of us hadn’t heard of in the year 2000 or the poor soul who has lost their password to their online… read more

Estate planning for business owners

17th January 2020 by Aquabridge Law

For many business owners the day-to-day running of the business can be all-consuming, meaning that contemplating the risks to the business that would arise in the event they should lose mental capacity, or die, naturally tend to fall down the priority list. None of us enjoys confronting our own demise, but most of us recognise… read more