How we work - Aquabridge Law

How we work

It’s good to know who you can call, but always better if you can actually speak to them

Being more available for clients is just one of the ways Aquabridge Law is different.

We believe in delivering a different kind of service, one that’s designed to make life easier for you, whatever you’re aiming to achieve.

Jarred off with jargon?

We don’t obscure things with legal terms you can’t understand or don’t need to know.

But we do help you see complex issues more clearly, and make better decisions to secure the things you care about.

Advice you can use

We don’t simply give you a list of options.

We will always try to give you straightforward, actionable advice, built around achieving your objectives. It is advice given in a business context, rather than wrapped up in legal clauses.

Expert, but not scary

And we’re different types of people too.

We are experts of course, but we are not defined by our expertise alone. Everyone here shares a similar approach to putting clients first and getting the job done.

How we like to work with you

The people you meet at the introductory meeting are also the people who will do the work. Aquabridge Law is committed to having its most senior people in client-facing positions – which is great for you, and good for them. It means they get to know you and your business and, most importantly, what you’re trying to achieve.

This leads to objective driven legal advice which is practical to implement. And we never forget how important it is for businesses to have the service delivered within agreed timescales and costs.

“They provide a personal touch. They are engaged with my business. They talk in simple language and they just get it done”

Matthew Ashworth, Goldstar Transport Ltd

“The format of their business and their understanding is extremely commercial and very pragmatic, organised and honest, creative yet reflecting their legal competence”

Paul Cronin, Clinical Network Solutions (UK) Ltd

“The most important things to me in a relationship with a law firm are openness, approachability, availability and excellent communication. Aquabridge go the extra mile to deliver all of this”

Pam Mannings, Franchisee