“When moving you need a solicitor who is going to reduce the stress, rather than add to it. All the staff at Aquabridge Law were polite, efficient and thorough. Thank you for a very positive experience.”

Dave Bulow

“Solicitors have a reputation for being slow; Aquabridge are anything but…Louise called around every week to find out updates and chase, she was exceptional!”

Zoe Gibbs

“Melanie and Nikki gave a top class service and lots of helpful advice. They were very friendly and patient and made everything easy to understand.”

Calin Pirvu

Residential Conveyancing

What’s most important is knowing what’s going on

There’s no getting away from the fact, conveyancing is a competitive market.

But how about a service that delivers more… service?

We know how stressful buying or selling a house can be.

If you value being kept informed of progress on a sale or purchase, and if you find the idea of having one point of contact you can actually speak to strangely appealing, read on.

Simple ways we create more confidence

There are two ways that our service helps you through a purchase, sale or investment, and both create more confidence for you.

Confidence in what you’re buying

Conveyancing is all about preparing a contract that delivers exactly what you expect at the price you agree to pay.

Although it’s an established process, it has plenty of scope for error. Accuracy and properly drafting and explaining contracts are the only ways to ensure there are no uncertainties or unpleasant surprises.

Confidence in progress

There’s nothing that leaves you feeling so helpless as simply not being kept informed of how a sale or purchase is progressing.

Even if there is nothing that can be done to speed things up, it does at least help to know where you are so you can plan around it.

Our approach is based entirely on keeping you fully informed throughout the process. We will always contact you quickly if we need something from you, and ensure you are aware of progress (or problems) at all times.

We guarantee in every residential conveyancing project that you will have a dedicated person to work with, always available to contact throughout the process.

Buying a new build property

Buying from a house builder or developer comes with special challenges that are quite different to normal residential purchases.

The main difficulty is that most operate to strict deadlines which are not always easy to meet.

Many developers work to a 28 day timescale from reservation of a property to exchange of contracts and if you fail to reach that stage in the time set they may not hold your reservation. You could lose your reservation fee as well as the house.

Despite the pressure new builds put on buyers, they also create more paperwork than conventional property sales, using standard contracts which need careful attention to ensure you as a buyer are properly protected from future potential problems.

You have to know what to look for in every contract and be able to interrogate the terms while not holding up the process.

If you’re buying your property through a shared ownership, Help to Buy, or similar additional financing scheme it can make matters more complicated. You have to be able to satisfy everybody’s needs in order to get the application over the line within the four week timescale.

It’s not a project to give a conveyancer who is unfamiliar with the developer or the development, or with new builds and related finance schemes. It takes specialist experience to handle the workload thoroughly and swiftly if your dream of a new home is to become a reality.

  • Freehold and leasehold transactions
  • Mortgages
  • New build properties
  • Help to Buy transactions
  • Assured short hold tenancy agreement drafting for landlords
  • Land registration
  • Deeds of easement
  • Statutory declarations
  • Adverse possession applications

Talk to one of our residential conveyancing experts – for any challenge, contact Louise Green on 01394 330764 or lgreen@aquabridgelaw.co.uk or Melanie Willis on 01245 206343 or mwillis@aquabridgelaw.co.uk